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Buy or Remortgage now to save – Don’t get caught up in an application queue and miss the low rates

Six out of ten UK brokers now expect total UK lending to reach between £240 to 260bn next year; a further 15% believe the market could top out at over £260bn. The projected increase comes on the back of credible indications that the Bank of England intends to raise the Official Bank Rate for the […]

Life-Insurance-South Wales

Life Insurance Is Essential, But…

Life Insurance Is Essential, But… Royal London’s mega State of the Protection Nation survey conducted by Opinium Research has returned some stunning data. The research focused on discovering consumer sensitivity to the need to take out Life Insurance to protect individuals and families. Almost half (47%) of all consumers in the survey say life insurance […]

Remortgaging Is Badly Misunderstood

Remortgaging Is Badly Misunderstood. Mortgage industry publisher, Mortgage Solutions this week announced that only 33% of Brits associate remortgaging with securing a better rate on their mortgage. This is devastating news to brokers who work hard to promote the potential savings and ease of remortgaging property away from lender’s high cost standard variable rate products. […]