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Landlords need to bring their tenants in from the cold

EPC ratings have changed so it’s important that all landlords affect these.

What’s changed?

It’s now against the law in England and Wales for landlords to grant a new tenancy to either new or existing tenants if their property doesn’t have an Energy Performance Certificate rating of ‘E’ or above.

How it affects new clients?

Lenders will no longer lend on properties that fall below an ‘E’ rating unless the landlord has a valid exemption. These changes have been in operation since the 15 of March last year but many landlords are still unaware of this.

How this affects existing clients?

If a privately rented property falls below the minimum EPC rating, the landlord will need to carry out ‘relevant energy efficiency improvements’ to bring it up to an ‘E’ or above. They may be able to obtain Green Deal finance to do this or the property may qualify for an exemption.