First Time Buyer

Make no mistake, buying that first home is no walk in the park and for some it is more than scary

That’s why our clients regularly tell us that using Mortgage ID’s skilled brokers was the best decision they made. We cut through the marketing jargon of the banks, building societies and insurance companies and make sure our clients get impartial, accurate and speedy information they can trust. By putting your trust in an expert with contacts with every lender and insurer you make the task of getting the best deal a certainty not a gamble.

A guide to buying your first home

Our senior mortgage and insurance expert, Matthew Williams explains why using a professional broker can be the smartest way to buy your first home.

How much can you borrow?

The big question that every first time buyer needs to know is “how much can I borrow”. This is not something a quick visit to a comparison site will tell you, there are so many variables at play. At Mortgage ID, we always undertake a detailed fact find to accurately understand your needs and wants. This data is then cross referenced against every lender’s criteria using state of the art tools operated by advisers with years of experience and know-how.

No costly mistakes, no duff advice and no delays. Most of all – No Advice Fees. We are contactable after hours and on weekends when you are able to talk. We will be there for you every step of the way supporting, reassuring and guiding you through the process. We get as involved as you want. If you need help finding a property - we can help. If you want us to take over negotiations with the agents – we can save you money. If you need a trusted solicitor, surveyor or tradesmen we can introduce you to one of the best at a price you would struggle to match. We have helpful information on hand covering all aspects of buying and protecting property and it’s all completely free to our customers, just ask.

If you’d like to discuss the mortgage schemes open to first time buyers such as Help to Buy give us a call and speak to one of our experts. They are always delighted to talk you through the requirements.

How much can I borrow?

Discover how much lenders will give you.

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