Remortgaging Your Home

Every lender’s reduced cost mortgage deal will eventually come to an end. If yours has already ended you will find yourself on your lender’s less economical standard variable rate. This is an ideal opportunity to completely review you mortgage arrangements. You may be eligible for a better deal, or you may wish to borrow back some of the equity you have built up in your home to carry out home improvements or pay back more expensive debt. Whichever, refinancing your loan is a sensible thing to do.

Remortgaging doesn’t need to be stressful, in fact if you use a professional broker like Mortgage ID it can be virtually hassle free and surprisingly fast. It’s something all home owners should consider regularly to ensure they’re still on the best mortgage deal.

Remortgaging simply means replacing your current mortgage with a new one. You may not even need to change lenders to achieve a better deal although lenders tend offer better deals to new applicants than to current lenders transferring products. You shouldn’t be afraid to move if doing so makes financial sense.


Remortgaging Your Home

Our mortgage expert Gregory Oxenham talks through the options open to you when you come to change your mortgage.

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At Mortgage ID we take great care to fully understand your situation. We gather a lot of information so we can exactly tailor our advice to match the things you know will happen in your future. It’s no good arranging a 5 year mortgage deal with redemption penalties if you know you will need to move in three years.

We always put our recommendations in writing and we stand behind them so you can be totally sure you are getting advice you can rely on. We will even issue you with our Best Option Guarantee which confirms there was no better product in the market at the time we made our recommendation.

Most of the remortgage deals we recommend will include free legals, valuation and arrangement fees which keeps the cost of changing lenders and deals to an absolute minimum. We will never make a remortgage recommendation unless we can prove to you that it represents a financial and strategic benefit.

Our impartial advice is always free and our expert advisers are always available. You can contact us inside and outside normal business hours and on weekends, whatever is convenient for you. Our quotations are presented speedily, without fuss and are always accurate. We have access to the Best Buys of all UK lenders, many of which do not appear on comparison sites and we are never beaten on mortgage price.

To see much you could save by remortgaging visit Find me a mortgage above. For a quick overview of the best rates in the market today, see our Best Buy Tables below.

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